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Unexpected and Long-Term Dangers of Roof Leaks

Fixing House Roof
A roof leak has the potential to cause serious and expensive damages if you don't plug it in time. Here are some of the damages you may suffer if you don't fix your roof leaks.


Mold thrives in moist places. Therefore, if you let your roof leak for a long time, the water may encourage mold growth in some parts of the house. Mold can be particularly dangerous if it grows in a hidden area, such as within the roof structures. Don't forget that mold is a health risk - it can trigger respiratory ailments in some people or worsen ailments in sick people.

Electrical Damages

A roof leak can also cause damage to your electrical appliances and wiring. The damage may occur because water conducts electricity, which means water can cause electricity to flow via an unintended path. Such a short circuit can affect various electrical items in your house.
For example, if your roof leaks and water gets into an outlet, the water may short the socket and cause a malfunction. Another example is a roof leak causing water to short your HVAC's thermostat; such a malfunction can interfere with your heating and cooling.

Electrical Fire

One of the most dangerous things about neglected leaks is the risk of electrical fire. Consider a case where water gets into an electrical extension cord, an electrical outlet, or an electrical service panel. Such moisture can cause an electrical short circuit that may heat up the affected outlet or fixture and trigger an electrical fire.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Another hazard of a neglected roof leak is that it creates a slip and fall injury risk. The hazard arises because wet surfaces tend to be slippery, and a roof leak can easily create wet patches on your floor. The slip and fall risk is particularly high for vulnerable members of your household such as children, invalids, and the elderly.
Don't forget that a guest who slips and falls in your home has the right to sue you for damages. For example, if a delivery person slips and falls on your wet floor, they can sue you for damages if they can prove that your negligence caused their injury.

Insulation Damage

The insulation is one of the most important parts of the house. Without good insulation, the interior of your house is exposed to the weather elements. Such an exposure not only creates an uncomfortable temperature in the house but also wastes heating and cooling energy.
Unfortunately, serious leaks on the roof can damage the attic insulation. With a serious leak, insulation material like fiberglass can become saturated with water and loses its effectiveness.

Structural Damage

A roof leak can also affect the structural integrity of your house. For example, water from the roof leaks can damage the roof structures and create problems like wood rot or metal decay. Even the wall framing and exterior trim are not immune to the effect of water leaks. If you let the leak continue for a long time, you may require a serious renovation to reverse the damage.

Pest Infestation

Lastly, pest infestations are also a potential effect of roof leaks. For one thing, most small pests (such as insects) thrive in moist places. Secondly, the smaller pests or insects may attract bigger pests that feed on their smaller counterparts. Lastly, some pests may also use the holes from water leaks in your roof to gain entry into your house.
As you can see from the above issues, the best thing to do with a roof leak is to plug it as soon as possible. The good news is that Eagle of the Keys Roofing Contractor has the resources to plug all manner of roof leaks. Give us a call today if you suspect a leak on your roof; we will locate, diagnose, and plug the leak in no time.