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5 Benefits of a Standing Seam System for Your Metal Roof

Closeup of Seam Roofing

Metal roofing can be a wonderful investment for any homeowner, whether for its wind resistance and cooling properties or for its snow-shedding abilities. But when you're contemplating what type of metal roof to choose, don't shy away from standing seam systems just because they're expensive. In fact, they have many superior qualities. Here are five reasons to choose a standing seam system when you're installing a metal roof.

1. Lets You Easily Snap Solar Panels Into Place

When you add solar panels to a galvanized metal roof or a shingle roof, you have to fasten the solar panel array securely to the roof deck. This process involves penetrating the roof, which creates points of weakness and requires flashing so rain won't get in.

With a standing seam metal roof, you can simply snap solar panels into place with no penetrations. You just have to purchase specialized solar panel mount systems that snap or clamp onto the seams of your roof. This type of mount system can be a bit pricey, but it is worth the cost if roof surface integrity and green energy are priorities for you. 

2. Has No Unsightly Fasteners Visible

If you want your roof to look slick, sleek, and modern, a standing seam system may be right for you. Its surface is unmarred by nails or screws, and the seams at regular intervals give it a very dressed-up look. Other metal roofing systems can also present a classy exterior, but the perfectly smooth surface of a standing seam roof can't be beat.

3. Works With Gravity to Keep Moisture Out

Other metal roofing systems use fasteners with washers that fill the gap between the fastener's head and the roof's surface. These washers create a seal around the fastener's hole. This system can be very effective, but a standing seam is even better. Lifting the seams off the surface of the roof means that water would have to actually travel uphill before it could create a leak.

4. Offers Lower Maintenance Than Other Metal Roofing

The washers in a normal metal roof require regular maintenance. The caulking between panels is another potential point of failure, so it also needs to be inspected every year or two. With standing seam roofing, you don't depend on plastic washers that deteriorate in the sun and rain. The fasteners are covered by metal that's just as durable as the rest of the roof.

Because of this, a standing seam metal roof is even more hands-off than other types of metal roofing. In fact, all you generally need to do for maintenance is keep the roof clean, keep an eye out for damage, and refresh the paint or coating before it wears off.

5. Made of Tougher, More Weather-Resistant Materials

The materials available for each type of metal roofing vary a bit, but in general, the standing seam materials are higher-end. They tend to be both thicker and more rust-resistant, meaning that choosing a high-quality standing seam system can maximize the potential lifespan of your roof.

Thicker, stronger roofing panels are also more resistant to wind and even have more impact resistance, making them a great choice for a tropical-storm-prone area - although you still can't expect them to survive a direct hurricane hit.

As a homeowner, you should seriously consider taking the plunge and investing in a standing seam metal roofing system. Any metal roof is going to cost more than a standard asphalt one, and a standing seam system is worth the extra cost.

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